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Within this season of the Global Pandemic – our lives have been upended and changed, we all are looking forward to the day we can connect and have community again. Young leaders all over the world are looking for some sense of normal, getting back to community.

We know these next few months will be a season that we can either pause life, faith and community or push for connecting and growing together! If you want to join young leaders around the world that want to Push forward and learn together, grow together and go together to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others around the world.

Then join the Youth Force Community.

For 8 Weeks - Starting June 15 and ending the first week of August we will grow in community, learn through reading plans, virtual events and action-based teams to help us push back and lead a life that is community and kingdom focused. Join with others you know before June 15 and be a part of a small group with people you know and a large group of young leaders around the world!


No matter where you live, we all know the statistics are alarming about what is happening in Chicago. The youth in the city and the suburbs are under attack - violence, drugs, divorce, depression are draining hope from our young leaders. They are leaving their faith in Christ or never turning to Him in the first place.

We must do something for the sake of these young leaders and the Kingdom!

Chicago 365 is an initiative to bring hope and help to young leaders (ages 11-21) in need.

CHICAGO 365 has two components.


The only way this city can experience true hope is through Jesus Christ. We need people throughout the Chicagoland area praying for our youth 365 days a year.

The prayer of a righteous man or woman is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

The Ask: Choose one day each month to pray and text 365 to 630-250-5822. You will be added to the Prayer Team of Chicago 365 and receive updates on how to pray.


We must re-engage young leaders in the local church. We must first help them see their life-purpose in Jesus Christ. Then, we must develop their leadership within the local church to change their world.

The Ask: To give one or more scholarships to help young leaders be invested in through camps, Youth Summit Leadership Events and outreaches on their school campus. These opportunities help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, engage in the local church and develop their leadership. Each scholarship is $365, just a dollar a day each year. To invest in youth and provide a scholarship, send a check made out to Global Youth Foundation to:

Global Youth Foundation

2206 N Main Street #276

Wheaton, IL 60187

Or donate online by clicking this button:


Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is designed to provide leadership training and life purpose to youth (ages 12-25). We want to challenge them in their relationship with Christ, engage them in the local church and accelerate their leadership development.

Join the Youth Summit! – In One of the 3 Following Formats:

Youth SummitYouth Summit EducationYouth Summit Conference

All Global Leadership Summit Youth events include worship (if allowed), video training, leadership conversations and a young leader sharing their story of faith and life to help young leaders build leadership skills, understand their life purpose in Jesus Christ and their connection to the local church.

Youth Summit: A 60-90-minute experience with 2 videos – 5-8 minutes each, leadership conversations and a young leader sharing their story of faith and life.

Youth Summit - Education: A half to full day experiences within an educational institution or a local church – multiple video trainings 5 min. to 40 min. each, leadership conversations and a young leader sharing their story of faith and life.

Youth Summit - Conference: A multi day conference with a mix of live speakers and video training, leadership conversations and a young leader sharing their story of faith and life.

For more information, contact us to see how you can host one of these in your neighborhood.