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About CET

About CET


Launched out of the Explore God Chicago campaign the Chicago Evangelism Team is a group of ministry leaders who want to see the Chicagoland area transformed by Jesus Christ through key leaders in and around the local church. We want to connect, equip and empower evangelism champions, to raise the culture of evangelism in their Church or organization.

We believe the All Chicago mission is the next Chicagoland initiative that Churches and Ministries can rally around to see neighborhoods reached and connected for Christ all over Chicagoland.

Keith Gordon

Keith Gordon

Evangelist, Urban Missionary, Leadership & Spiritual Formation Coach

Empowering Followers of Christ to Make a Difference in the Chicagoland community by raising the culture of Evangelism in people, the local church and in the world.



Keith Cote

Keith is a producer, speaker and Youth Summit Champion with the Global Leadership Network where he served as the Executive Director of Student Ministries for the Willow Creek Association for many years. Keith is a co-founder and event director for LEAD222, a youth pastor coaching and mentoring ministry. He is also the Metro-Chicago Director for FCA.


Alpha is a free resource that’s all about creating a safe space within churches where people can explore faith and the meaning of life while building authentic relationships.

Alpha is a powerful and proven method of sharing the Gospel that can ignite a cultural shift in your church fueled by the Holy Spirit.

Powerful: Alpha is all about helping your church become more dependent on prayer, active in listening, and welcoming to anyone. When we see this happen in churches running Alpha...lives are changed, churches are renewed, and society is ultimately transformed by the love and power of Jesus.

Proven: In today’s culture, people are looking for a place where they can belong before they believe, and Alpha helps create that experience for them. Barna Group conducted a survey regarding the impact of Alpha and it found that 82% of non-Christians describe themselves as followers of Jesus since trying Alpha. In other words, when your church runs Alpha, more people meet Jesus. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions about Alpha in general, please contact Gabriel Lerma, Director of Alpha in Chicagoland, at


Thrivent Financial is a resource available to faith leaders, Thrivent members, and the community on their Wise With Money Journey so they can Live Generously. Our mission is to guide Christians to be wise with money so they can live more content, confident and generous lives.


Well done CHICAGO!!!! Did you know that you have the beginning of a City Gospel Movement?

Cities around the world are experiencing incredible transformation because of a movement towards collaborative gospel work. Collaboration of pastors, business leaders, city workers and para church organizers uniting around common goals and initiatives in a city. By joining with Chicago Evangelism Team, you have embarked on one of the most foundational steps, Unity.

Nothing is impossible for God. You stand as a witness with 100’s of churches and leaders coming together in your city. We encourage you and your communities to ask God what is next. What does God want to see happen in your city? And how is He asking YOU to participate?


As a world hub of evangelism and mission training, networking, and inspiration, the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College has a diverse range of initiatives and programs. To see all of the opportunities available, click the button below.


OneLife specializes in coaching pastors and churches who have a burning passion to reach people far from Christ.

In the OneLife program, church leaders and their congregations implement the 3D1 model—a fresh new approach to personal evangelism that is natural, friendship-based, and accessible for every member of the church—not just the gifted few.

During the program, church leaders receive intensive, hands-on coaching in modeling effective personal evangelism from nationally recognized evangelism specialist Garry Poole and his team. Church members get fired up when they see that evangelism is more natural than they think, and they embrace evangelism as their own individual responsibility.

Finally, OneLife ensures that intentional, relationship-based evangelism will continue as an ongoing focus for the church by setting up long term strategies and critical support systems. OneLife is not a one-and-done program, but a lasting DNA shift to raise the “evangelism temperature” of the church.




We are taking steps toward that vision by practicing “seasonal rhythms” of prayer and action throughout the year. These are simple ways that we can put into practice our desires to grow in unity in the heart of John chapter 17—that we may be one, and that the world may know Jesus.

Imagine what will happen if we pray together (Winter), learn from each other (Spring), serve alongside each other (Summer), and deepen relationships with each other (Fall) faithfully each year, for many years. What if united prayer and collaborative action became habits that could shape the landscape of our city for the glory of God?

We invite you to “sync up” with our seasonal rhythms and share this vision, together.


If you are an Explore God group facilitator, the greatest results of your group may come after you finish the 7 Big Questions series. If your group is ready to explore what the Bible says about having a relationship with God, use our free downloadable resource to discuss the 7th big question: "Can I Know God Personally?" This resource keys into that topic with brief passages from the Gospel of John and a few questions to help your group discuss and see it for themselves. Connect with our facilitator support staff and check out additional resource options by clicking the button below.

If you are a church leader, see how Q Place's 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations curriculum will help you leverage what you have started during Explore God so that more of your church is engaging in meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently. Get the details by clicking the button below.


It is The Navigators' mission to equip disciple makers, so we would be happy to connect with you and your church to offer quality training based on decades of experience. Navigator Church Ministries (NCM) pursues the calling to raise up, encourage, and train lifelong laborers within the local church. We help churches and their leaders create a culture of intentional Life-to-Life[TM] discipleship within their churches and local communities through life-to-life coaching, mentoring, and disciple making. Check us out by clicking the button below. The Navigators' Beginning with Christ booklet is a short, simple tool for walking alongside new believers. Topics include assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Includes Scripture memory cards.

The Chicago Navigators is our local network of disciple makers. Connect with us by clicking the button below.


Awana would love to take the next step with you on your faith journey! For those whose church/organization does not already have a membership with us, click the button below to see samples of our ages 2 through 18 curriculum. If your church/organization already has a membership with Awana, have you checked out our high school Witnesses curriculum? The program challenges and trains students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively share their faith with anyone and with everyone. Students will have the opportunity to hear from renowned Christian thought leaders, including Wess Stafford, Harvey Carey, and Greg Stier! Learn more about Witnesses by clicking the button below.


Imagine a website devoted to collecting and collating new thought and best practices on the salient issues and ideas of making disciples who make disciples of our Lord Jesus.

That is Discipleship.Network.

  • A neutral, ad-free, no-spam, platform
  • Public viewing for 29 discussion forum themes/topics, over 3300 blog posts, hundreds of training events & videos
  • Privileges for members include commenting, posting, uploading, plus exclusive updates (membership is free and simple)

Many Muslims in Chicagoland are very interested in talking about God but may/may not be willing to attend a small group. Some are also asking very different questions. Either way, due to language and cultural issues, expecting Muslims to “become a Christian” or attend an established church is often too big an ask. But that does not mean they are not open and seeking! In fact, some Muslim people today are among the MOST SPIRITUALLY OPEN people in the world—but we need to approach them differently.

Therefore, our team has tried to make things very simple for you to join us in reaching out to the 500,000 Muslims in this area. Watch the one-hour video by clicking the button below and try it out!

Then contact Steven at to schedule an info meeting or host a 3-hour training seminar to get you started.


“The kindness of God leads to a radical life change.” - Rom. 2:4 (NASB & MSG)

The message of God’s love comes in many ways. If the standard for high jumping for the whole world was seven feet as in the Olympics very few would be able to participate.

“I can hop a little but seven feet is a lot more than a little.” How do the rest of us hop into outreach?

Focus on doable and practical. Servant Evangelism is showing God’s love and generosity by serving in practical ways that nudge people to Christ. Give away bottles of water at a busy stop sign. “Here’s a bottle of water to show God’s love in a practical way!” Give them a simple card (not a tract) with your church website and contact information.

A bottle of water with words goes over a lot better than just words! As we “show and tell” a godly “tilt” happens with them and us as well.

“Ready, Fire!, Aim”

We have several training options for outreach that will help you move forward in your walk with Jesus. Click the button below to see our training options.


Through training, coaching and provision of resources, Organic Outreach International® is committed to helping denominations, national groups, regional movements, para-church organizations and local churches around the world infuse the DNA of their ministries and congregations with a passion for natural evangelism.We offer online and on-site training sessions ranging from half-day introductory seminars to two-day Organic Outreach® Intensives. For churches and movements that are directly engaging in Organic Outreach® we provide a collaborative coaching experience for small groups (cohorts) of Pastors and Outreach Influence Team Leaders through a combination of online work and monthly video-conferencing.


The Knowing God series is an excellent way for your discussion groups to continue to meet in the same format—especially for those who are ready to go deeper in their exploration of God, maybe for the first time.

The Knowing God series focuses on four components of learning who God is and how we can develop a relationship with him:

  • Session 1: Making an Introduction
  • Session 2: God and Prayer
  • Session 3: God and Scripture
  • Session 4: God and Community

As with the 7 Big Questions, the Knowing God series centers on watching a video together and then having open and honest conversations about each topic. Videos, as well as a complete Discussion Group Facilitator guide, are available to all.

Image is a website created for nonbelievers. It helps people understand who God is or what it might be like to know God.

More than 33 million people came to the site during 2018.

God is drawing people to himself through it. More than 1,200 people every day tell us they asked Jesus into their lives while on the site. (also known as is in 47 languages. Likely, you can help any person you meet in Chicago. As you talk with people, simply encourage them to visit the site:

“I’m connected to a site that takes on the hard questions about life and God….like why is life so hard, and how do you know God exists? May I give you a card to it?”

It’s that easy.

There’s also in-depth follow-up for new believers, at (in multiple languages.)

In 20 seconds, you can help a coworker, relative, Uber driver, neighbor – encouraging them to visit to explore their spiritual questions on their own. God can speak to them there.

To learn more about,, or to order free resources, visit us by clicking the buttons below.