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Join us use the button below to download the All.Chicago app to join the movement to reach every home, school and person in the Chicagoland area. Register below and your group will get special dashboard features and new feature/resource releases as they come out.



Learn how the Chicago Evangelism Team is mobilizing the Body of Christ to pray for and connect with their neighbors until all households and every school campus in Chicagoland is adopted. All America Chicago is a focused effort by the Chicago Evangelism Team and many other partners to make this vision a reality in the Chicagoland area.



Real Faith

Learn Together – Grow Together – Go Together

Within this season of the Global Pandemic – our lives have been upended and changed, we all are looking forward to the day we can connect and have community again. Young leaders all over the world are looking for some sense of normal, getting back to community.


No matter where you live, we all know the statistics are alarming about what is happening in Chicago. The youth in the city and the suburbs are under attack - violence, drugs, divorce, depression are draining hope from our young leaders. They are leaving their faith in Christ or never turning to Him in the first place.


Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is designed to provide leadership training and life purpose to youth (ages 12-25). We want to challenge them in their relationship with Christ, engage them in the local church and accelerate their leadership development.


See a list of all the ministries working together to make an impact on the Chicagoland area. Use these resources to reach the people where you have impact.